maestroPROJET is a collaborative Saas project management and PPM solution that increases productivity by facilitating processes and effectively transforming teamwork. The tool suits all types of business needs and company sizes.

Customize your tool !

Offering users the freedom to customize a tool in their own image is the main feature of maestroPROJET. Designed by French experts in the field of project management, this Saas solution was created for managing project portfolios and collaborative work, and is well-suited to the needs of companies of all sizes, even for your most complex projects.

A concept that innovates management

maestroPROJET is also equipped with an innovative role-playing game designed for quick familiarization and productivity growth. As our priority is the well-being of our users, we provide a dynamic, comprehensive and easy to use  tool. Use it to distribute roles adapted to your collaborators so that they may organize and track their progress. There is a role for every possible type of actor, even external ones. This concept greatly simplifies the management, streamlines the work and further involves each employee in his or her role.


It is possible to use maestroPROJET to manage your project portfolios regardless of their complexity. However, you can also integrate the tool into your daily organization. The features available in maestroPROJET allow for an optimal control of:  

  • Organization (projects, collaborators ...)

  • Follow-up (priorities, expenses, interdependencies, progress ...)

  • Budgeting (at all stages)

  • Roadmap

  • Risks

  • Resources

  • Calendars

  • Capitalization

  • Committees

  • Internal communication

  • Statistics     

 All of the necessary features are centralized within a single tool and can be adapted to the needs of our customers. The use of our solution remains easy thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. For more flexibility, our users can also connect to the mobile app. It is ideal for telecommuting and multisite collaboration. 

Safety first

Our solution is accessible online, and therefore, fighting against industrial espionage and piracy is among our priorities. Our servers are located in the European Union. While working from our servers, we guarantee for all our users a secure and private work environment to ensure the sovereignty of your data. In addition, the identity of our customers will never be disclosed on our institutional sites. 

Suas vantagens

Fully customizable

Innovative role play

Optimum security

MAESTROPROJET - Your roadmap for rapid and efficient advancement.
MAESTROPROJET - Your roadmap for rapid and efficient advancement.
MAESTROPROJET - Your roadmap for rapid and efficient advancement.
MAESTROPROJET - For maximum freedom, the solution is available as a mobile application.
MAESTROPROJET - The role of the Contributor is used by the majority of our users.
MAESTROPROJET - Discover our role-playing game to increase productivity.


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